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Matt McIlwain’s Op-Ed repeats the same self-serving logic we have heard for decades: Washington voters defeated a proposed income tax a few years ago, and the economy has prospered, therefore, the tax was clearly a bad idea. The figures about economic expansion and job growth are true but are not caused by something as marginal as the absence of an income tax in the state of Washington. If McIlwain is following the Federal Reserve news, he knows there are many other (and bigger) causes at work.

Further, to suggest, as he does, that funds for education are easily findable in Olympia makes one wonder why our legislators are having so much trouble finding them.

If one really cares about innovation and job growth in Washington, leaving our public educational system without a firm and dependable revenue base is a strange way to show it. And to leave Washington with the most regressive tax system in the nation creates a palpable unfairness to our least advantaged citizens.

We need to think a little more broadly than our short-term interests.

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William R. Andersen, Seattle