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Although guest columnist Chris Vance dismisses an income tax in his opening statement [“Lift the 1 percent cap on property tax,” Opinion, Feb. 25].

A progressive income tax (or other kinds of progressive taxes on capital or wealth) is far more fair and effective than property taxes. The main reason is that property taxes are a flat tax applied equally to all property-owners regardless of one’s ability to pay. The other types of tax do consider one’s ability to afford the tax.

As a retired property-owner with a fixed income, I see my purchasing power shrink every year. Lifting the 1 percent cap on property taxes just speeds the day I’m forced to sell and leave my home.

Here’s an idea that will never go anywhere. Let’s only allow people on the assessor’s property tax role to vote on raising property taxes. These taxes affect everyone, but most people who aren’t directly billed do not see that so it’s easy to vote yes on increases. That ought to appeal to Vance’s Republican sensibilities.

Ken E. Kline, Poulsbo