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I’m a lifelong Democrat who donates and actively campaigns for liberal causes. Sometimes there is a need to raise revenue. But under Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal, the middle and upper-middle class bear the brunt.

Money buys access in politics, and our party remains beholden to the wealthy. This is a huge mistake.

The proposal targets the services segment of the business-and-occupation (B&O) tax. Just because someone’s a professional doesn’t mean they’re wealthy. Under this proposal, a millionaire pays nothing. No wonder those in the middle feel like no one represents them.

If taxes need to be raised, first target the truly rich. Make sure any additional taxes beyond the millionaire crowd are distributed fairly.

As much wealth as there is in this state, any tax increase should be targeted at those with incomes north of $150,000 per year ($250,000 for couples) with an allowance of another $50,000 for each minor child.

Those Democrats who don’t want to tax the rich call themselves “centrists.” I call them sellouts. Their approach is shortsighted and a great way to lose the next election.

Roy N. Martin, Bellingham