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Columnist Hugh Hewitt praised the Trump administration’s “massive tax cut of unprecedented depth and structural change.” Somehow, this massive tax cut bypassed me.

I am a 79-year-old retiree. I recently took money out of my pension account. I was charged 20 percent federal taxes. The 2018 federal corporate-tax rate is 21 percent. Maybe paying a massive 1-percent less in taxes than corporations pay is something I should be thankful for.

Hewitt and Susan Hutchison, Republican candidate for U.S. senator, in her debate with U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, praised the Trump trade deals. I recently purchased steel pipes and CDX plywood. The pre-tariff prices were $40.99 for pipes and $18.99 for plywood. Today’s cost is $52.99 for the pipes and $25.99 for the plywood.

Something else to be thankful for.

James Behrend, Bainbridge Island