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As a CEO of a national solar company, I am alarmed by HB 2045, an anti-solar bill in the Legislature [“Fight heats up between solar-leasing companies, Legislature,” Local News, Feb. 14]. It would make Washington the most anti-solar state in the country and is wildly out of step with our progressive history.

HB 2045 would eliminate net metering, the most fundamental rooftop solar policy. Net metering exists in 44 states and gives solar customers fair credit for the excess electricity they sometimes produce. South Carolina just became the 44th state to add net metering. Yet, Washington could become the first state to end it.

The bill would also outlaw people from using the solar they produce at their own homes. It would require them to sell the solar to a utility and pay crushing taxes on that sale, taxing rooftop solar out of existence.

Rooftop solar is the first true form of competition that utilities have ever faced, and that is why they’re attacking it. Meanwhile, Olympia politicians are doing the utilities’ bidding. Please email your elected officials and tell them to oppose HB 2045.

Lynn Jurich, Tacoma, CEO of Sunrun