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I read with interest the Pacific magazine article “Cleaning up,” and I wanted to thank you.

I abhor litter! Maybe it was my association with military bases, ships and facilities over a 31-year career in the Coast Guard and Navy, wherein any mess would be cleaned up. The discipline and behavior ownership realities of uniformed services life is generally intolerant of personal mess-making. In the real world featured in the article, imagined armies of cleanup workers profiled make it easier top drop that fast-food container that my children and I would pick up and properly dispose of as we walked to our Redmond neighborhood school. I am proud to say that my now-adult son and daughter abhor litter, too.

Like many things, the school teacher in me says that trash responsibility starts at home. Please, fellow Northwesterners, take responsibility for your own trash, role-modeling that behavior to those who follow in our pristine community and helping those too few we hire for the task rather than abdicating it to theĀ  overworked.

Dennis Case, Redmond