I attended the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency hearing Tuesday regarding PSE’s proposed fracked-gas liquefied natural gas plant in Tacoma. The main difference between the pro and con sides in the debate is that the pro folks have a personal vested financial interest in completing the project. Sadly, all the personal financial gain is short-term, and the consequences of the carbon and methane pollution is long-term.

While I usually support the union cause, in this case they are on the wrong side. If government does what it should, there will be a just transition to a clean-energy economy creating many more good jobs.

While listening to the pro folks talk, I couldn’t help but think of the individuals in Brazil lighting fires in the rainforest.

This LNG fossil-fuel infrastructure project needs to stop because it will damage our environment for at least the next 40 years. Allowing this facility to move forward will set back the development of cleaner alternatives.

Steve Thompson, Redmond