Re: “Supreme Court limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions” [June 30, Nation]:

A neighbor of mine feels that an unelected body, such as a governmental agency like the Environmental Protection Agency, has no power to tell others what they can and cannot do.

It does not occur to him that if any one of us wants to build an addition to our home that won’t blow away in the wind, we hire and delegate a contractor to do the work.

It is the same with a law passed by a representative assembly such as Congress.

There are many persons not acquainted with how laws are put into effect. This task is mostly done by regulations issued by an agency delegated to do the real work.

A law is the foundation of making life better. And even placing a foundation takes regulations.

It appears that some justices, such as those endorsed by the Federalist Society, share this naiveté. Unless it is the intent of some Justices that the whole structure just blows away.

Thor Thompson, Seattle