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We are facing a looming environmental catastrophe in climate change. The U.S. National Climate Assessment and U.N. Climate Report give us just 12 years to radically transform our fossil-fuel based economy to one of clean alternatives or face dire consequences in dramatic alteration of our environment. We have already endured the horrible effects of Western wildfires. Monster storms, droughts and increasingly elevated temperatures across our country and around the world have me panic-stricken.

Our legacy can be one of complacency or commitment to courageous change. We must lead the world in taking the bold steps to enact the changes necessary to quickly, efficiently and expeditiously reduce our carbon emissions. I implore all citizens in Washington to contact our Congressional leaders and demand their support in co-sponsoring the Green New Deal House Resolution 109. This is the only large scale, viable plan currently in the works. Let’s use it as a framework to construct an economically and environmentally just future for our children and future generations.

Shelley Jaye, Port Townsend