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I was gratified to see an article about the new state tests brought to us by Smarter Balance [“Tough new exams in state test students’ math, reading skills,” Local News, March 15]. Lack of information and misinformation about standardized testing abound.

Teachers do not need standardized tests to tell us what our students know. We know what they know. As professionals, we craft assessments carefully to make sure that we can accurately determine what they know. We test them constantly both formally and informally. We review their assignments. We spend hours with them every day.

A standardized test designed by people in the profit-driven corporations that have been allowed to poison education in this country does not tell me what my students know. These tests tell us something different — that students, schools and teachers are failing. As Smarter Balance scores show, 60 to 70 percent will fail this test. That gives me an accurate picture of how much damage this test will do to my students. That’s what I need to know.

Marianne Clarke, Seattle