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“$100 fee being proposed on new studded tires” illustrates the tendency of our government to nickel and dime, and micromanage.

The tax could prove a hardship to people on a fixed income, and it would impact residents of Eastern Washington more due to its extreme weather. There was also an article describing the decline in general health suffered by Eastern Washington residents as a result of higher levels of poverty.

What about Washingtonians such as my elderly parents, who live in the Methow Valley and rely on studded tires to get around unplowed roads? This tax will impact these individuals and yet ultimately generate a drop in the bucket for the state, considering studded tires are used by less than 2 percent of drivers statewide. Maybe the Legislature should focus on more realistic sources of revenue for our crumbling infrastructure, such as an income tax.

And considering the undeniably severe impact of climate change here and around the world, the timing is inappropriate.

Mari Hauser, Bellingham