Re: “Legislature considers ending fees at state parks” [Jan. 24, Northwest]:

Before the adoption of the Discover Pass, state park funding had been in crisis for decades before the Great Recession. With the threat to actually close dozens of state parks in the summer of 1998, grassroots supporters of our state parks organized to fight for funding. Over the next decade, the Legislature provided a bit more money but required the closure of some state parks. The legislators — including Senate Minority Leader Mark Schoesler — never made the commitment of general funds to keep our state-park system healthy. The idea they would do so now is a fantasy.

Since the early disruption in the first year of the Discover Pass, state park funding has been such that for the first time since 1980 our state park system has had an almost decadelong period of no budget crisis. Why would we go back to budget roulette?

James L. King Jr., Olympia