Re: “Amid climate crisis, a proposal to save Washington state forests for carbon storage, not logging” [March 21, Environment]:

I was thrilled to see the article on the need to manage state forest lands for carbon and climate change, not just for logging. I live near the Capitol State Forest and witnessed the logging of the Chameleon timber sale — a rare, old forest stand that peaceful protesters attempted to protect before it was logged. That area that was once a beautiful old forest now looks like a moonscape. Since then, I have noticed “no trespassing” around other forest areas planned for logging, effectively keeping the public out of these unique and beautiful forest lands.

There are so many reasons to leave forests alone — the list is long, from human and wildlife health to climate change. There are no reasons anymore to keep pretending it’s justified to log these trees on the industrial, commercial model.

Thank you for giving this issue the space, time and depth it deserves. Washington state can lead on climate mitigation, and treating forests, and the organisms, wildlife and humans who live in and around forests, with respect and reverence is a contribution to regenerative practices that are so core to climate adaptation.

Miranda Mellis, Olympia