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The Jan. 29 Opinion page had two items that were of particular interest to me as a business executive and entrepreneur in the technology sector. “Time for education fix” and “Business as usual isn’t enough for students or our economy” both address the urgency of improving outcomes of our K-12 system.

Financing is one important step. So is increasing the high-school graduation rate. Op-Ed writers Maud Daudon and Gene Sharratt note in their guest opinion that less than half of the workforce in our state has the postsecondary education or training required for the majority of jobs.

The path to this education and training includes a high-school graduation. And the path to high-school graduation begins before children enter kindergarten.

Research has shown that high-quality preschool programs prepare children for success in school and life by building a solid foundation for both hard and soft skills — reading, math, impulse control and executive functioning. Low-income children who attend high-quality preschool show improved third-grade reading scores, lowering the likelihood that they will drop out.

If we are serious about improving the outcomes of our education system and building a strong workforce, we must invest in high-quality preschool as well as K-12 education.

Peter Raulerson, Bellevue