Re: “Coffee and the paper? Not at Starbucks”:

I was dismayed to hear Starbucks announce they will no longer sell print newspapers in their stores.

Coffee shops are among the most democratic public spaces. They have a duty to serve the widest customer base. Offering an alternative route to important news and information that doesn’t involve a digital device is a necessity. The World Happiness Report from the United Nations suggests that as digital media use goes up, general happiness declines.

I want a physical experience — the warmth of a hot latte, the sound of people talking and the feel of newspaper print in my hand, the day’s news presented to me not by a Big Tech company but by a passionate and tenacious team of writers and editors committed to reporting the news and pursuing the truth.

By reconsidering this decision, Starbucks has an opportunity to preserve our collective well-being and defend American journalism.

Andrew McDiarmid, Gold Bar