Immigration and Customs Enforcement is inflicting physical and psychological torture on individuals and communities.

You know what happens when a government targets, dehumanizes and strips an entire group of people of civil and human rights. Those who commit these atrocities rely on us to be silent and passively accept their actions. Inaction because you find the subject upsetting or don’t want to argue with family has the same effect as inaction because of active xenophobia. Showing support with your words and your vote is your minimum responsibility; this is the humanitarian crisis of a generation, and we have to respond by ending business as usual and shutting down ICE. It has only existed since 2003; there is no reason to accept it as a fact of American life.

I stand with the thousands of Jewish activists and allies who have taken direct action against ICE at detention centers across the country to say #NeverAgainIsNow. Take this opportunity to stand with your neighbors and make a difference.

Olivia Williams, Kirkland