The My Take essay “Hey, college bozos, sexual harassment of goalie will not stand”  unjustly blames young men for abuse at sporting events. I am not here to defend the boys’ actions but rather argue that harassment occurs in sports for both genders.

In the students’ section of Huskies football games, the intoxicated wave of jeers and shouts seemingly overwhelms the actual action on the field. Slanderous language about the opposing team’s players fills the air. This is simply called being rowdy.

I played on a high school football team that was quite frankly terrible; we won one game in two years. However, the abuse many of our players received from fellow students of both genders, such as comments about weight or skin color, took a mental toll on our team. Sadly, we were told taking these harsh words on the chin was just part of becoming a man.

Why does the dichotomy between male and female sports remain unquestioned? Instead of continually victimizing boys, it is time to view harassment as a two-way street.

Noah Asch, Seattle