How is it even conceivably possible that Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff is getting a bonus? Is there even one person in the region who would not agree that transit has gotten much worse?

Note to the transit board: We who must drive do not care about Rogoff’s “regional relationships” or “timely communication.” What we care about is improving the horrible traffic we have, and not wasting time and fuel sitting in traffic. The transportation organizations in this state have failed the citizens. How can it be that with one of the highest gas taxes and a populace that almost always approves traffic initiatives, we have among the worst traffic in the country?

The agency has put way too many eggs in the light-rail basket and has ignored the rest for too long. Isn’t it about time for a complete functional and financial audit of our transportation departments? The arrogance and ineffectiveness of these agencies is appalling. Their rush to ignore the will of the voters in the latest car-tab initiative is just the latest example.

Greg White, Puyallup