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Seattle has had the fastest rising rents in the nation for four months running, putting our growing region at the front lines of the current crisis in affordable rental housing. Sound Transit 3 would create an opportunity to build affordable housing near job centers and an efficient transportation system to carry workers between their jobs and housing they can afford [“Reject Sound Transit 3,” Opinion, Oct. 20].

Skeptics argue that innovations like driverless cars will soon make buses and rail obsolete. But driverless cars aren’t the solution for every commute and, in fact, might likely form the connective tissue between fast light rail and initial starting points and final destinations of commuters.

Some critics are unhappy that ST3 funds expensive trains rather than cheaper buses. But Sound Transit’s focus on rail would maximize its popularity among future users, because commuters are more likely to leave their cars for rail than buses.

Opponents who balk at ST3’s price tag and long planning horizon need only look to Los Angeles and Miami for a cautionary reminder that deferred transportation decisions create bigger problems ultimately.

I believe that by investing in transit today, we’re contributing to housing affordability tomorrow. Vote for Sound Transit 3 (Proposition 1) on November’s ballot.

Stan Humphries, Sammamish, Zillow Group’s chief economist and analytics officer