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Gabriel Campanario’s sketches are cute, but his commentary regarding the proposed “vacation” of a public street as a giveaway to a billionaire developer in order to build another elitist sports facility belies his ignorance and relative newcomer status in Seattle [“The little street that killed Seattle’s NBA dreams,” Seattle Sketcher, May 7].

I drive into town from West Seattle each morning. Occidental Avenue South can often provide a badly needed shortcut to avoid the backups on First Avenue South. As a courier and delivery worker, I often am forced to park behind the businesses that line that street due to lack of parking or simply to access the entrance if it is in the rear.

I like basketball quite a bit, but for Chris Hansen to hold the city over a barrel to get a public resource given to him is simply not right.

Campanario’s sentiments do not find sympathy with the hardworking citizens of Seattle.

Gordy Griffins, Seattle