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I hope Seattle City Council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan will read this letter and think about a person they love with all their heart.

My partner of 24 years has incurable cancer, and we need to balance his electrolytes. Unfortunately, with the new soda tax the city added even more stress to a single-income, brokenhearted taxpayer, who, in Seattle fashion, cares for others.

Cancer treatment is bad enough, but my partner is fighting, all the while losing a lot of fluids. Turns out Gatorade is the one thing he can stomach, yet the soda tax has nearly doubled the cost of his liquid “medication.”

Maybe the plan was just drive to another city if you can’t pay the tax?

When I contacted council members and asked if they had thought about the impact of the new tax on cancer patients, I was told no.

So, I ask the council and the mayor to please pretend this scenario is happening in their family, and do the right thing. Amend the Soda Tax to accommodate low-income persons suffering from life-threatening illness.

Bruce Steinberg, Seattle