Since the pandemic began, Seattle landlords have been unable to evict tenants for not paying rent. Not being able to collect rent makes it financially difficult to succeed as a small landlord. In addition, local landlord-tenant rules are very complex, are constantly changing, and attorneys are sometimes required to understand and comply with these laws.

I am 70 years old and own one rental home. I had planned to use this income to supplement my Social Security benefits. But last week I decided to sell it. As one Seattle landlord stated so succinctly, “Why do I want to endure hatred for being a landlord, when I can’t even collect the rent?”

As more rental homes are being sold, rents will increase as supply diminishes and more will be owned by corporations with in-house legal staff. Is this in the best interest of tenants and the city of Seattle? I don’t think so. But, it would be a great question to ask the current Seattle City Council.

Lorrie Alves, Seattle