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Echoes of the other Washington’s divisiveness, lack of compassion and reprehensible actions were evident at the June 28 public meeting to consider a sanctioned tiny-house village in South Lake Union.

Although many present spoke of their strong support, others appeared to deny the urgency of Seattle’s crisis of homelessness and how having shelter is critical to survival.

Can some people really be so ill-informed and out of touch? Have they made the effort to tour a tiny-house village or to meet some of the residents so grateful for a safe and secure temporary home?

I was deeply disturbed and angered to read that a lawsuit has been filed against the city of Seattle by the conservative-leaning think tank Freedom Foundation, based in Olympia.

Legal action will cause delays for these urgently needed shelters. We are only months away from winter’s frigid temperatures and rain.

I ask those so vocally opposed for their definition of an emergency. If an earthquake flattened their homes, how would such a roadblocking tactic feel?

This recent lawsuit is a shameful example of thoughtlessness and lack of compassion for our less fortunate neighbors.

Sylvia DeForest, Seattle