Wow, what a one-two gut punch of articles on the fate of the salmon and the orcas  and the Duwamish River.

Is there really no one willing to invest in restoring what little is left of our urban rivers?

But in the meantime, I can think of something any of us can do to help. It’s a very small action, I promise, with an outsized impact: Stop using same-day or next-day delivery when you buy something online.

Our desire for instant gratification not only packs a large carbon footprint, but it also requires vast warehouses like the one proposed along the Desimone Oxbow parcel of land to be built as close as possible to our cities, where land is already in short supply. Scarce land that would be much better used for something else — river restoration, parks or affordable housing, or any number of things — is used for warehouses and parking lots instead.

Do you really need that item today or tomorrow? In almost every case, I bet the answer is no. So go ahead: next time you buy something online, select standard shipping. You can wait a few days. You might help save a river.

Stephen Hawley, Seattle