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Re: “Trump keeps his pledge to shrink size of government”:

The portrait this article paints of a civil service hemorrhaging staff due to philosophical bias and simple neglect is deeply troubling. These are the folks who deliver our mail, keep our food safe, make sure that Medicare and Social Security payments are made, protect our environment, and perform a host of critical functions that we often take for granted.

I had the opportunity to serve in the federal service for more than 30 years, in a variety of technical and management positions. This experience gave me a deep appreciation for the sense of commitment that the great majority of public-sector employees bring to their work each day. Yes, there were a few staff members who failed to pull their weight. But for every one of those, there were scores of employees who worked hundreds of hours of uncompensated overtime or experienced other personal hardships because they believed in the mission of their agency.

Please contact your local Congress people and their senators to protest this senseless loss of an invaluable resource, that is, the loss of competent and experienced federal staff who perform essential services that keep our society functioning.

Ron Paige, Bellevue