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I honor state House Republican Leader Dan Kristiansen for coming forward to reveal his truly unpleasant experience with sexual harassment, and yet I suspect that some will take away the message that if victims would only say “no” forcefully and then “nip it in the bud,” harassers and abusers would stop.

Those who deny inequality, misuse of power and fear of retaliation cannot begin to imagine what it is like for someone who has been intimidated, coerced, threatened and abused. Those reprehensible people will not stop if there are no consequences for their ugly behavior. Read The Seattle Times story about the two women whose lives were made miserable at work [“Seattle settles harassment case”].

If you care about women and men deserving respect as human beings, join with others like Kristiansen who know how vital it is to eradicate sexual harassment.

Candace Jarrett, Snohomish