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As some lawmakers bemoan the lack of interest in the breakdown of the West Point sewage treatment plant, people in Edmonds and Shoreline remember the county’s disinterest in fixing some of the problem in the early 2000s [“Why silence has greeted sewage spewing into Sound,” March 15, A1].

King County was proposing the Brightwater treatment plant in Snohomish County while ignoring the rainwater which sometimes caused the West Point plant to have overflows. Separating the sewage from the water draining off streets and roofs would have made the plant less susceptible to the problems we have had this past month.

So more than a billion dollars was spent on Brightwater and the foreseeable problems in West Point were ignored.

It was not a glamorous project, and ignoring the plant has had horrible results.

Suggesting another King County tax for music and art seems the height of folly when other needs are ignored [“Terrible timing for King County sales tax for the arts,” March 14, Opinion].

Barbara Chase, Edmonds