Re: “Seattle’s library plan needs scrutiny”:

The editorial really raises a larger issue. The issue is that our government’s appetite for more and larger tax packages is totally out of control.

First of all, we have a system where normal things that normal people want aren’t in the regular budget — they only get funded by “special” taxes. We need to vote on additional taxes to fund library levies; school levies; family, education and preschool levies; parks levies; road- and bridge-repair levies; a special levy for 911 service; another for fingerprint service; a special tax for increased Metro bus service that Metro isn’t even able to actually provide; and the list goes on.

Second, these special taxes get voted one at a time in special elections spread across the year in hopes that people won’t notice.

Finally, each time one expires, it is replaced by one that is twice as large as the old one. There is no end to it, and there is no such thing as enough.

The only way this will ever get reined in is for all of us to vote “no” on everything, and force some prioritization and leadership from Seattle’s politicians.

Allen Johnson, Seattle