Re: “Finding treasures in Seattle’s archives” [Jan. 12, Northwest]:

I was one of those hippies referenced in a 1970 letter in the archives, addressed to the Seattle mayor, that referred to Pike Place Market as “a rat’s nest of hippies …”

That summer, my brother gave me $50 for a Pike Place Market booth to sell my crocheted bathing suits, belts and hats. We resurrected the section called Flower Row.

In defense of us hippies who overtook downtown, we were some of the first trying to change the buttoned-up culture. I remember walking around the streets wearing my army surplus 1940s band-uniform coat with brass buttons and gold ribbons. I would smile at everyone, but not many smiled back.

We moved to Duvall to live off the land on five acres. We grew a garden, had cows and chickens, and rebuilt an old rundown house. Most important, we recycled anything we could find before it was cool.

The dump was a playland of things thrown away before anyone thought to “repurpose.” We found bottles, metals, clothing, furniture, old cast-iron stoves, books, jewelry and lots of eclectic items.

So, next time someone smiles at you, smile back — you might just be making this hippie’s day.

Robin E. Adams, Seattle