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Recent city initiatives eliminating parking, closing driving lanes to benefit buses and bikes, and now for tolling city roads make it increasingly onerous to consider visiting Seattle.

Public transportation into Seattle from many nearby communities in the region is poor. Eliminating the option of driving into Seattle to shop, do business or see cultural attractions seems to slam the doors to Seattle as a hub for the region. The mayor’s road-toll plan reflects a “Seattle-for-Seattle” mindset, part of the increasing transformation of the city into an enclave for the wealthy, a de facto gated community.

I’ve lived in the Puget Sound area for more than 40 years. It’s been wonderful to see the city acquire a world-class ballet and symphony. But it seems my days in the audience are coming to an end. When the city finishes paring all the parking spaces and driving lanes, and starts charging a fee to enter the golden arches of its gated enclave, I won’t be renewing my season tickets, or going to Seattle to shop or see the dentist. It won’t be worth the hassle and expense. The welcome mat seems no longer out in Seattle.

Linda Atkins, Enumclaw