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Jennifer Phipps has my sympathy with regard to her “My Take” essay.

The Seattle City Council has exacerbated the situation with the rules and regulations they have placed on rental owners in Seattle. I owned a small two-bedroom home in the Green Lake neighborhood for many years. The rent this year was $1,350 per month. As a onetime renter, I always tried to keep it low.

First, the property taxes had been rising for a number of years. Then the city council decided that I had to register the home and have it inspected. Apparently, since the code enforcement people couldn’t do their job properly, it was decided we needed a new bureaucracy, paid for by rental owners. Then the city council decided that they needed to tell me who I should rent to.

I sold the home. Seattle lost a $1,350 rental and now has gained a $2,400 rental.

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Frank Lippman, Seattle