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I represent lead plaintiff Mike Kunath in the income-tax lawsuit. Mayor Jenny Durkan’s election has given us hope for a genuine government for all the people.

The tax was passed with Seattle City Council members leading chants of “tax the rich,” and any who disagreed were shut down and shut out.

From my perspective, King County Superior Court Judge John R. Ruhl did an extraordinary job managing the case and wrote an extraordinary decision. Whether to appeal that decision is entirely up to the mayor, who is an attorney herself, and an excellent one at that. I ask her to treat the people of Seattle as her client and think like a lawyer when she decides.

If she thinks that Judge Ruhl was wrong, then by all means appeal, but tell us why. If she cannot find a mistake, then tell us that too. But she should not file an appeal unless she believes it has legal merit.

Mayor Durkan promised to restore reason and balance to city government. This decision will be the first test of that promise. Please don’t let the people down.

Matthew F. Davis, Seattle