Re: “Seattle Humane not living up to promises made in $30 million campaign for new complex” [Nov. 7, Local News]:

I have volunteered at Seattle Humane for a total of about six years, nearly five-and-a-half years as a cat foster parent. I cannot address what was said in the article, but I want to give my perspective as a longtime foster volunteer. What the article doesn’t adequately address is the level of care and resources Seattle Humane provides. The veterinary care is excellent, and Seattle Humane provides the quality resources, such as food, supplies, medicines, etc., that help me care for my foster cats. They are able to perform medical procedures on animals for which other shelters don’t have the resources.

I fostered for two other shelters, and Seattle Humane hands down provides the best quality care, resources and professionalism. At one of the shelters, I was expected to provide the cat food and litter. At another shelter, I felt they did not vet the potential adopters — whoever wanted the cat first would get her without being interviewed.

Two of my current foster kittens just came from Hawaii, and I’ve had fosters from disaster areas in the past. I am so proud that Seattle Humane steps in when there are emergencies all over the United States.

Sally Stroud, Mercer Island