Seattleites have always been accused of freezing out newcomers, but this, in my opinion, is an unfair and outdated accusation.

I moved to Seattle in 2009, and I must admit it was not easy. I experienced all the ups and downs you go through when you move to a new city, having left all your friends, family and favorite activities behind. The first few months were brutal.

As I settled in, I noticed something amazing about Seattle. Seattle is a place where you can find “your people.” One afternoon at work, my co-worker came up to me and asked, “Hey, I heard you played soccer in college. Any good?” I said, “I know what an offsides is,” and that was it. I had found my people. Fast forward, I joined his team, met a group of guys, we became friends, I married a roommate of one of my teammates, and now we are growing our family.

If you are into sports, in Seattle you can find your people. If you are into drunken midnight golfing, in Seattle you can find your people. Just put your self out there: Ready, set, jump!

Kwaku Augustt, Seattle