Re: “Across the lake, a city looks to profit from Seattle’s mistakes” [March 19, Business]:

Thanks to Jon Talton for his article comparing Bellevue and Seattle with respect to economic recovery, emphasizing responses to the many issues facing our area.

As the second in five generations born in Seattle and a social-services retiree who “downsized” to Bothell, I have given up my former goal of returning to Seattle to live and will rarely even venture closer to downtown than Kaiser Permanente Northgate Medical Center.

There has also been Times coverage of Seattle’s ability to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but will Seattle be able to survive its current city council? With many businesses driven out by the toleration of shoplifting and chronic vandalism, the lack of ability for police to respond to citizens’ calls, tents and filth cluttering the streets, and the proposal to have misdemeanor crime potentially “forgiven” by poor personal circumstances, it seems that the council has almost invited the Apocalypse.

Seattle needs a city council and mayor who are less willing to turn the streets over to the rabble. For a liberal who is still a Seattleite at heart, this is a sad and frustrating situation, much of it brought on by elected officials.

Penny Koyama, Bothell