Re: “Sara Nelson puts right priority on expanding Seattle’s prosperity” [Oct. 22, Opinion]:

The editorial board says Sara Nelson’s experience as a brewery owner makes her the best candidate for Seattle City Council, Position 9, for other business owners. What it doesn’t mention is that 95% of us aren’t business owners — we’re workers. And there’s one candidate for us: Nikkita Oliver.

Nikkita overwhelmingly earned the exclusive endorsement of the MLK Labor Council because they have the lived experience we need at a time of record income inequality. They are a working-class person and know what people need in a city that is becoming more expensive by the day.

We urgently need people like Nikkita on the city council, not more of the status quo.

We’ve learned a lot from the pandemic. We’ve seen how important essential workers like nurses, grocery clerks and others are to our community. Sadly, we’ve also seen how much more needs to be done to help our most vulnerable.

Nikkita will think big and bring forward bold ideas to address institutional racism, homelessness and affordability — not just push the same talking points coming from the corporate class.

Nicole Grant, executive secretary-treasurer, MLK Labor Council