I want to revisit an idea that has been irking me for several years now: I want to bring back the name of the Seattle Center House. Calling it the Armory is just so not Seattle.

Think about it: This building — located in the “center” of Seattle Center, houses the Food Circus, the Children’s Museum, a stage and dance floor, rooms for get-togethers and even — during Winterfest — an 8,000-square-foot train village. Does that sound like an “Armory” to you?

When I see or hear “Center House,” I think of someplace that’s welcoming, that’s at the crux of activities, that’s the destination for people who want to have fun in the “center” of Seattle Center. When I see or hear “Armory,” I think of someplace that harbors arms — guns, ammunition and tanks, essentially — and I think of war, injury, and death. Is that really going to appeal to tourists? Why in the world did the city of Seattle change “Center House” to “Armory”? And why won’t the city realize its mistake and change it back?

A welcoming environment or a citadel for weapons: Which do you think Seattle stands for? Bring back the Center House!

Neal Starkman, Seattle