Re: “Honor Makahs’ treaty right to hunt whales”:

In 1995, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was invited by a concerned group of Makah elders who requested that we help them defend and protect the whales.

We agreed with those elders whose invitation we honored that having the right to kill whales does not mean that it is right to kill whales.

Sea Shepherd represents one of two opposing perspectives: the side of whale hunters who sought to kill whales and our side, including some Makah elders who sought to see the whales live. This remains a great concern considering that hundreds of gray whales died this year from starvation, disease, ship strikes and pollution.

Sea Shepherd opposes the killing of whales by anyone, anywhere, for any reason, without discrimination.

Sea Shepherd is opposing Makah whaling in the courts, but we will only intervene directly like we did in 1998 and 1999 if we are once again invited by Makah elders to do so.

Capt. Paul Watson, founder, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society