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The April 5 article “Scientists bemoan SeaWorld decision to stop breeding orcas” is self-serving justification to legitimize SeaWorld’s captive breeding orca program.

Egocentric comments by researchers that SeaWorld and its employees in “animal care” are needed to answer questions about wild orca behavior are morally repugnant. The story says researchers are concerned about lost opportunities to document killer whales’ diets.  A researcher laments not being able to observe another mother and calf in captivity, saying “It’s really difficult to publish with one.” “Publish or Perish” is alive and well in the scientific community for personal gain.

Our enlightened public understands this disregard for the well being of orcas who have been forced to live in aqua prisons that teach us nothing about their natural lives.

Where is the outrage from these same researchers and marine scientists toward the city of Victoria, B.C., which has dumped raw sewage into Puget Sound for decades, affecting the entire food chain?

We rejoice that these advanced mammals can run deep and free from human domination and once again experience their complex social lives.

Ralph Turner, Edmonds