Thank you for the “My Take” essay “My polio generation knows the relief, duty of being a strong link in a vaccination chain” [May 15, Opinion]:

Comparisons are being made between the polio epidemic and the COVID-19 crisis. We are aware of the “long haul” syndrome that haunts some COVID patients. Those who contracted polio were also troubled by the lifelong changes in their bodies. Beyond the obvious patients who used crutches or other help all their lives, some were haunted by lifelong health conditions.

My older sister was first in an iron lung and then learned to walk, talk and function normally while very young. The only telltale result of her disease was a slight problem with smiling. She was able to live a long and productive life.

However, several major bodily conditions affected the quality of her daily life, and I am convinced that they were due to the initial paralysis. All systems of her body had been paralyzed — not just her musculature.

There will be many follow-up COVID studies in the coming decades. My hope is that because we know so much more in this century, the “long haulers” will recover more completely.

Margaret Lauderdale, Everett