Re: “Michigan 15-year-old charged in Oxford High School shooting” [Dec. 1, Nation]:

Another school shooting, and I once again find myself asking why school districts don’t install metal detectors at all schools.

Given the large number of school shootings — since 2013 there have been 784 incidents of gunfire on U.S. school grounds resulting in 256 deaths and 531 injuries, according to — I would argue that school districts are irresponsible at the least, if not negligent, if they fail to install metal detectors at every school.

Inconvenient for students and faculty? Yes, but we’ve all managed to adjust to the requirement of metal detectors at airports and courthouses, so I don’t think it would be that difficult to make the adjustment for schools.

A sad commentary on modern American society? Emphatically, yes. But isn’t it more important to save innocent lives?

David von Wolffersdorff, Seattle