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Guns are prevalent and disturbed people, including children, will sometimes obtain these lethal weapons. Laws, policies, resources and money will not remove this brutal fact. For school safety there are no zero-risk choices. Every option has risk and unintended consequences. We teach our kids to use reason and logic — practice what we teach.

A semiautomatic AR-15 fires 45-60 bullets per minute. Consider the carnage if this weapon at Spokane’s Freeman High School had not malfunctioned. If law enforcement could magically respond and neutralize a threat in five minutes, potentially 300 rounds are spent. It will likely be longer than five minutes.

All of our teachers should have the choice to be armed, subject to significant vetting and rigorous training. Toppenish and several other Washington school districts already do so, ditto many states. There is risk of accidents and “collateral damage” during a shooting incident. But from a comparative risk aspect, it is the option to minimize casualties in a worst-case scenario — dang that reason and logic.

A knife to a gunfight? No, just a locked door behind which our terrified kids huddle. Is health care a right? Maybe. But self-defense certainly is.

Mark Mullane, Spokane