Re: “Educational system stretched beyond capacity fails students” [Nov. 19, Opinion]:

Educational funding is sadly too low to begin with, then add all the additional student needs because of this horrific COVID-19 situation, and educational funding is very, very sad.

Our students need emotional and mental support more than ever now. Yet the school nurse and school counselor roles are sadly unsupported. In the Kent School District, the state funding pays for — four school-nurse positions — yes I said four — in a large school district. I worked in the Kent School District as a certificated school nurse for 17 years (I’m currently retired), and every year I was assigned multiple schools. With covering multiple schools, there is no way students can receive the necessary attention and care they need and deserve.

I sincerely hope and pray legislators in Olympia are paying attention.

Mary Kathryn Myers, BSN, MPH, RN, Kent