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The state Legislature is heading deeper into the second special session, and Gov. Jay Inslee says to take a capital-gains tax off the table and accept some sort of small levy swap, all while mass confusion swirls around two-tier busing for Seattle Public Schools. I am, quite frankly,  so exhausted that it is amazing I have the energy to feel this much rage.

While the Legislature makes excuses for not funding education, parents are scrambling to fill in the gaps, volunteering, advocating and donating. But you cannot have an equitable public-school system based on how much parents at individual schools can volunteer and fundraise.

The kids in this state deserve better. The parents in this state deserve better. The future of our state deserves better. We need new revenue, and we need a capital-gains tax. To take it off the table is irresponsible.

Samantha Fogg, Seattle