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I am appalled that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray thinks that asking people to abide by our immigration laws is worse than the internment of our citizens of Japanese heritage during World War II.

I understand the dilemma we have allowed ourselves to be in, due to our not helping people who come here become citizens. We need a solution to the situation of all of the undocumented people who are here illegally. We need to help them become citizens or at least document them as visitors with work visas, etc. All other countries require this. Why not us?

If Murray is offering sanctuary in Seattle for people who are here illegally and he is working to find a way to help them change their status, I say, “Bravo.” If he is just enabling them to remain undocumented and here illegally, that’s another thing. But, he should please not say that asking people who are here illegally to abide by our laws is worse than what was done to our citizens of Japanese heritage. What was done to them is far worse. Hopefully we will do nothing now or in the future that is worse than that.

Jane Bennett, Woodinville