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As a feminist, I feel using the C-word is equivalent to using the N-word, because it is used as an offensive weapon to label, debase and demean females. Whether it is abusively used on an anti-Hillary­ T-shirt, abusively used in a so-called comedy routine or simply used in a heated argument between two individuals, it is never acceptable.

Samantha Bee on her TBS show, “Full Frontal,” claims it is simply “one bad word,” when, in fact, it is an obscene and vulgar attack against all women. This misogynistic word has long been used as a lewd weapon to verbally attack and dismiss females.

The C-word serves only one sordid purpose, and that is to humiliate and denigrate women. The C-word, like the N-word, is vile, deplorable, weaponized language and is never, under any circumstances or context, acceptable.

Carol L. Richter, Lake Stevens