How sad to read the Christmas Eve article “As Salvation Army grapples with image as anti-LGBTQ, bell ringer loses his spot.”

Our culture is becoming much less capable of dealing with ambiguity, uncertainty, paradox and nuance. Instead, these skills are being replaced with the blunt force weapon of the new authoritarianism — shame — to quiet those with whom one disagrees.

Regardless of where one stands on the issues of the day, it should be most alarming to witness corporations and institutions voluntarily surrendering their critical thinking and leadership roles to those most obsessed with their own paradigms. The outcome will inevitably be the antithesis of what those voices desire — more division, less understanding. We are moving perilously in the direction of abolishing notions of wisdom, discretion and judgment.

“Shame” on Nordstrom for bowing down to the unthinking.

Brian DiNielli, Enumclaw