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Regarding “Koch brothers part of deal to buy Time magazine”:

Having read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer, which revealed the huge influence that these wealthy, libertarian, conservative billionaires have had, and pledge to continue to have, on American politics, has helped me to realize just how sad this news is.

The Meredith company, Midwest publishers of magazines like Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens, has purchased the publisher of Sports Illustrated, People and Time,  weeklies  many of us read for a quick review of politics, current events, business, sports and celebrity news. What are the motivations for such a purchase?

The Koch brothers supplied the cash for Meredith’s purchase of Time Inc. They are said to view their investment as purely a business opportunity. And isn’t that, in this world of Trump tax cuts and other such politics, just what we should be worried about — the moneymaking activities of billionaires?

Ward Carson, Vashon