Green Lake is the jewel in the crown of Seattle’s parks department, yet the city administration seems willing to risk contaminating Green Lake with sewage by failing to enforce the camping and extended parking restrictions along its shore.

There are currently 11 dilapidated RV’s, plus an old boat and trailer, parked bumper to bumper along West Green Lake Way North. Some of these vehicles have been there since the fall of 2019. On the ground around and underneath them is a growing accumulation of, gas generators, empty propane tanks, dirty tarps, garbage bags, coils of hose and wire, spare tires, and various other junk.

Along the edge of the road, directly under this mess, are three storm drains that discharge directly into Green Lake. According to the Winnebago web site, owners should pump out their waste tanks about every seven days. The city is apparently spending tax dollars to pump these out every few weeks. Pumped out or not, this mess is a clear health risk to users of Green Lake and is unacceptable. This location should be an exception to the moratorium on parking enforcement, and the “No Overnight Camping” rule.

Carroll G. Thomas, Seattle