Re: “Helping homeless in RV campers is hardest lift, but urgent” [Aug. 24, Opinion]:

With the rise of the pandemic, homelessness has increased in cities around the country. I would first applaud the Seattle City Council for taking action to combat this issue, specifically with regard to RV dwellers.

I particularly agree with Director Tess Colby’s suggestion of talking to people who live in RVs, since this decision will have the greatest impact on their lives.

Although no official solution has been implemented yet, a good place to start would be consulting other cities across the country that have struggled with the same issue.

RV parking in cities has been an issue for years before the pandemic started, and it’s not going to fade away without collaboration. A necessary step to take now would be to combine efforts to develop a solution that effectively addresses the issue across multiple cities.

Annette Lu, Olympia